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The hell?

The hell!

The Ministry of Magic is claiming I haven't served out my sentence! WHAT THE HELL. They're responsible for the worst part of it anyway!

"I. to issue an immediate apology to all of her victims and promise never to do it again
II. to be monitored and escorted by a Wizengamot-appointed chaperone to deter and prevent further misuse of magic and to teach the accused proper magical etiquette, for a duration to be determined by the rate of improvement"


Right, so I guess I'm supposed to have done the first bit by now, BUT STILL!

So, FINE, here I go!

Professor Dumbledore, I'm sorry for fighting you.

And Professor Trelawney, I'm sorry I strangled you. Guess you didn't see it coming.

Mum and Dad, I'm sorry for whatever I've probably done in teenage rebellion stuff.

George, I was such an awful boss! We definitely need to stay business partners and not get other stuff into it.

Susan and Padma, I'm sorry I knocked you off your brooms.

Justin, sorry for trying to tempt you into infidelity. And Pansy, sorry for that.

Michael, yeah. Didn't mean to lead you on. Sorry.

Seamus, sorry I stole some of your alcohol in my so-called "underage drinking."

Harry, sorry for fighting you too. I think that's it.

Colin, I'm so, so sorry I crushed your voice box! I still don't think I've made it up to you enough.

And obviously a big apology to all the Hogsmeade villagers I strangled. It won't happen again.
I'm sure all of you have your voices back by now, so no harm done, right? Long-term, I mean.

Right, I think that's it. Am I done? No need for a chaperone.

Yep, I'm prepared

All right, I got prepared for this "chaperone" to arrive while Harry went monkey-teasing and parrot-adopting.

Most drafty room in the house, check. Short sheeted the bed, check. Emptied all furniture and lighting from the room except said bed, check. I'm not court-ordered to make the chaperone comfortable and welcome.

... Oo, I guess maybe I should make a better impression?

... Nah.

By the way, Harry. I took the extra furniture to cozy up an old guest room that didn't look homey enough and had no little business man corner. Now it does. Looks ready to live in now.

Consider it my apology.

Now let's get to dinner and talk crazy fake-bloody-nudey pics.

Films films films!

Okay, I know it's like "not ANOTHER house elf movie" by now but does anyone else think that new house elf Quidditch film actually looks kind of funny? And like they actually cared to get the Quidditch accurate? I know the cinemas are saturated with dancing and egg-laying and fornicating house elf movies but this one looks like it'd be something a bit unique. Dobby, maybe you'd like to see it?

I'm getting really worried about Luna! She stopped dancing here awhile ago and someone told me they think they spotted her in a theatre or maybe one of those Muggle petrol places but I haven't heard from her! Does anyone know where she is?

I got a stupid summons to the Ministry of Magic for supposedly violating some proposition blah blah business management whatever thing. Apparently, you aren't allowed to manufacture and distribute certain kinds of products until you're of age and they've decided it's more important to fine me for that than it is to spend the money on actually educating people.

Hey I was supposed to be writing about films! What's with all the films coming out lately?! I mean just because it's a new gadget for us doesn't mean we have to churn out this many! Nothing wrong with watching Muggle films!


So, I have the strange urge to run off to visit some fjords. That's a fun word, fjords!

Harry, you should so call people something like that! I don't know, fjordfrotters?

And I won't talk about that thing at the concert. Um. So, right. We should get to fish hunting. Possibly around fjords.

Oh god, am I still stoned? Stupid people dragging their drug-pushing Muggle siblings to the show...

Fjord fjord fjord...
My weapon is better than yours


Where does this mane-for-brains idiot Minister get off saying he's going to recruit all of us who just finished Hogwarts to fight the Death Eaters, huh?!

Look, of COURSE I think we need to fight them and DUH I've volunteered myself for it, but that doesn't mean dragging even more people off into it! Too many families are involved in this as it is! Just look at the last war and all the families who lost someone in it-- do we really want that happening again?! My own mum lost her brothers to it, but I'm still in this anyway, and I wouldn't wish the risks on anyone else! And does he think Harry's doing NOTHING about it?

And does anyone actually BELIEVE he's serious about expanding access to St. Mungo's and reducing our imports of foreign-made brooms? He could practically fly on his own from living with Big Broomstick up his rear for so long! He's just trying to improve his poll ratings. He doesn't actually care.

Oh, and his education policies? Yeah, the policies that say people like me ought to be forced out of school early to save money? Why should we continue under THAT system? Maybe next he'll talk about renewing his No Portkey Left Untouched nonsense!

Stay back!


Okay. I'm okay. Everything's okay. It's just fine. I just... happened to end up moving into the house of the father of...

Oh lord.

I like it here but what does it mean?! Of all the possible places to live, how'd I end up HERE?! I feel like I'm forgetting something and I'm so scared of going through that again, not being able to remember what I've done or...

Oh, I don't know what to do... I can't just leave.

Colin, please let Harry back in? He probably can't help but at least yelling with him a bit or laughing at his pictures would help distract me?

Percy says I have "Stockholm Syndrome." I don't know what that is.
I AM THE BLACK QUEEN!, Better than you


Harry's being stupid as usual but at least he finally agreed to our break-up. He's much better not as a boyfriend. And hey, as his chief candidate for female best friend, I have to keep him in line. Can't let his head swell too big.

Look, you defeated me once, big deal. That doesn't mean you control things around here. I own this House and so does Colin so you have to listen to us, got it?


I'm really tired of renovating and decorating and repeating. I'm blacking out from the work!

Luna or Colin or Harry or some combination, anyone want to play a game? I have a strange urge to play Truth or Dare, and I don't know why. I probably haven't played it since I was, like, twelve?
I&#39;m happy!



I finally got my NEWT results!!! Thank goodness they took more than those crazy tests into account when scoring or I'd have barely made it in some of them! So they were actually AWESOME and I think it'd be nice to celebrate by GETTING OUR OWN PLACE!

I mean I love the Burrow and all and I love having you here but it's not a good workspace for me! I really need enough room to have my own room for my business and you need your own room too and maybe you could have a WHOLE ROOM FOR CLOTHES or something! So I've got a list of locations to check out! There's a property available in Hogsmeade but I don't really want to be that close to the school, and some places off Diagon Alley but they're a bit small, and a rural mansion with a great view but it's a total fixer-upper so that means more work. Whenever you want to go looking, let's do it!

    Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test Results:

      Pass Grades:
      Outstanding (O)
      Exceeds Expectations (E)
      Acceptable (A)

      Fail Grades:
      Poor (P)
      Dreadful (D)
      Troll (T)

    Ginevra Molly Weasley has achieved:

      Art - E
      Charms - O
      Defence Against the Dark Arts - O
      Herbology - E
      Muggle Studies - A
      Potions - E
      Sexual Education - O
      Transfiguration - O
      Wizarding Law and Ethics - A
      Wizard Living - E

Oh and they sent some condolences for whatever happened to Icicle but they really should've sent congratulations.

Diary with hole

(no subject)

For some reason I had a weird name on a slip of paper and I didn't know why, so I lookd it up to see if it was anything interesting and found out it's related to some old abandoned property in Little Hangleton and I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Colin, Lavender-- want to go check it out? No velvet and satin this time, though, make sure it's something breathable and easily cleanable!

I wonder if our attic is a good place for a Hallowe'en party. The ghoul will totally freak people out when they've had too much to drink and it's got a nice view at night, but I don't want any "the roof is on fire" accidents like before yes Harry I mean you. If you come to it you will not set our roof on fire again.

Finished concept art for a limited edition Hallowe'en line. Now I just have to make the test versions, track down my testers, get their feedback, make the finished versions, put together the catalogue, distribute, take orders... It'll keep me busy enough I suppose. Scratched a name off the test list obviously since I have no interest in what she has to say any more.

No results from my NEWTs yet. I hope I passed enough of them.

Yeah, I guess that's it.